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Itty Pitties
Friendly Collar
A quick and easy way to let people know the temperament of...
Itty Pitties 2015 Calendar
ISBN# 978-1-59316-693-9
Itty Pitties 2015 is a ful...
Painted Pit Bulls by Dean Russo 2015 Calendar
ISBN# 978-1-59316-694-6
Painted Pit Bulls 2015 is a...
For The Love of Pit Bulls 2015 Calendar
ISBN# 978-1-59316-692-2
For The Love of Pit Bulls ...
Kyjen Ice Blue & Grey Cool-It Bandana
The stylish way to keep your pet cool! Made with nontoxic ...
Dapper Plaid Bow Tie
This bow tie is the perfect accessory for the sweet boy in...
GDRA Sterling Silver Great Dane Itty Bitty Necklace (crop or natural ears)
This sweet little Sterling Silver Great Dane necklace was ...
Nylabone DuraChew Hollow Stick Bacon
Stuff this dog toy with treats and watch your dog's excite...
Sterling Silver Angel Pibble Necklace
A sweet memorial for your best friend. This sterling silve...
1 oz. Bag Balm Miniature
A pet’s best friend.

Helps soothe your dog's cu...
Brown and White Pit Bull Print
Our signed pit bull prints come from original artwork by a...
Art Note Cards (Set of 8)
5.5" x 4.25" Note cards with envelopes. Set of 8, 2 each o...

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Buddy. That’s his name because when I found him and called my husband to tell him, the first words out of his mouth were “don’t name him and don’t get attached-we’re NOT keeping him”.

That was over 5 years ago.

I came home from work early one beautiful but very cold and windy late October day in upstate NY. Grabbed the phone to make a call and opened the front door to let Lexi-our full grown Rottweiler out for a romp. All of a sudden, I saw her hair go straight up. Knowing that something was out there, I hung up the phone ...
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