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Pit Bull Art Magnets

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Choose from these attractive and loveable pit bull designs! These 2" x 3" heavy duty magnets feature meaningful messages and colorful art sure to bring smiles and warm thoughts to any pit owner!

I LOVE ALL these magnets! Bought 2 or 3 my first order & received them VERY QUICKLY! Next order, I bought the REST OF THEM (about 15!) Very heavy-duty! My fridge is COVERED 2/them! Beautiful artwork on them & beautiful sayings! ...

Rated by Mary Albanesi

Love My Magnets! I had intentions of giving them away but they are all on my fridge!!! ...

Rated by Raquel Gonzalez

Love my magnets!!!!! Highly recommend them. Very nice quality. ...

Rated by Raquel Gonzalez

Great art work.only my second purchase . Will be back for more !,,,,, ...

Rated by cynthia sorber

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