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I Do Too with Pale Pink Bow Canvas Dog Bandana

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Dress one of the most special members of your wedding party with this "I Do Too" bandana.

Made with natural or beige colored canvas this bandana features black text and a pale pink bow at the bottom. Perfect for matching the wedding party if they are wearing pale pink bow ties or ties, this bandana is sure to make your dog one of the best dressed members of your special day.

Slides on to your existing collar because you have more important things to worry about than doggie wardrobe malfunctions on your big day.

Small: 8 Inches wide, fits 1/2 inch collar
Medium: 11 inches wide, fits 1 inch collar
Large: 14 inches wide, fits 1 inch collar
Extra Large: 16 inches wide, fits up tp 1 1/2 inch collar

These sizes are standard but if you need something custom made for a larger or smaller collar please send us a message.

If the collar you plan on using has any large buckles or clips please let us know so I can add extra room to accommodate them.

Collar not included.

Care: For best results spot clean or hand wash only.

Handmade by Courtney and modeled by Lincoln. Each piece is unique.