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Unlucky Victor Fundraiser Magnet

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What could be better than seeing Unlucky Victor's smiling face on a magnet? These 2" x 3" heavy duty magnets feature Victor on a Milk Bone Box. Don't worry, this design is approved by Milk Bone.

We have teamed up with Victor and Mom Linda to help them raise much needed funds for MOMS/Animal Aid and Angels in Waiting Rescue.

100% of net proceeds go directly to MOMS/Animal Aid and Angels in Waiting Rescue (via Mom Linda).

Magnets are one for $10 or three (of the same design) for $25. Help us help them!


Victor came from a high kill shelter in Georgia. Meike Wilder from Carpathia Paws saw him in the shelter, and he was labeled "pregnant female" because he was so swollen from his heartworm. She was determined that he would live, and pulled him. Foster mom Linda heard that Meike had too many dogs in her home waiting to be adopted. She told Meike to send her someone, that she could foster one in NJ. Meike chose Victor.

MOMS rescue drove down to GA, and brought back almost 30 dogs. Victor was one. Foster mom Linda drove to South NJ and picked him up. He was not neutered. X-rays showed stage 3 heartworm, and many gun shot pellets. In addition, his hip/leg had obviously been kicked repeatedly and smashed. He had numerous bite scars on his face and chest.

Long term heartworm treatment was started. He was neutered. Training began, and he met hundreds of people, loving them all. OSCAR animal rescue in NJ listed him, and started looking for his forever home. Expensive surgery was needed, and people---generous, caring people---responded. Funds for his surgery were collected, and we waited until his heartworm was at the point he could be operated on.

Finally, his hip/leg was fixed, and some gunshot (near nerves and causing obvious pain) was removed. Victor continues to take medication for his heartworm. He will take months to heal from his surgery. Foster Mom Linda adopted him. He is in his forever home, Victor is safe and loved.

Angels in Waiting Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 in Warwick, NY. Their mission is to assist homeless dogs in need by taking in those who face death or an uncertain future in animal shelters. They care for them in our volunteers' homes, providing stability, sustenance and security until a permanent adoptive home can be found.

M.O.M.S. Animal Rescue started as a spin-off from St. Joseph Elementary "Paws for A Cause" in Hammonton, NJ. While our priorities are the animals in our own state, we also want to bring the awareness and assistance to many states, in our country who have barbaric euthanasia practices such as gas chambers and cardiac heartsticks without sedation. One million animals alone perished in GA last year due to overpopulation!

The Making of Miracle Stories Animal Rescue is a small group of people committed to saving the lives of animals, spreading awareness, educating the public about the importance of spay and neuter and teaching our children to be kind and compassionate to animals. We travel to Georgia once a month to save the lives of as many animals as we can and transport them to receiving rescues.

Very nice little magnet and is for a good cause!!! ...

Rated by Katlyn Moore

I just wanted to come on and thank Dog Park Publishing for doing this. They are the BEST IN THE UNIVERSE for all they do to help rescues! Thank you! ...

Rated by Linda Schroeder

I absolutely love my magnet and seeing Victors little face on my fridge ...


I'm very happy with my Unlucky Victor magnets!!! He is such a great little man, I just love him!! Am a just a tad disappointed though as I thought that there were three different ones and I just got three of the same. I could be wrong about that though. But really, who can be unhappy with anything that has a picture of ...

Rated by Cynthia Kinney

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