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Working Strap Harness

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A quick and easy way to let people know the temperament of your dog with big bold lettering. This can tell others which dogs to greet, which dogs to be cautious around and more.

The Working strap harness is blue color coded and has text embroidered on it. It is fully adjustable to fit most common breeds with high strength and double rings to attach leash for added security. Suitable for use on bully breeds, large dogs and dogs that pull.

Strap Harness:
Med-Large: Chest/belly girth 23 inches - 36 inches, 25 mm wide. Has 6 embroidered words.

Color Coded System:
Friendly - Green for go, approachable and ready to greet
No Dogs - Orange for slow, good with people, but not good with other dogs
Caution - Red for stop, do not approach, not good with people or dogs
Nervous - Yellow for notice, may be unpredictable so be aware
Training - Blue for do not disturb, in training
Working - Blue for do not disturb, this dog is working
Blind - White for be aware, limited or no sight
Deaf - White for be aware, limited or no hearing
Adopt Me - Yellow for notice, this dog is in need of a home
Do Not Feed - Purple, this dog has allergies or food issues

* Strong webbing core strength tested up to 300kg
* Top quality nylon exterior with embroidered text
* The "˜D' and "˜O' rings are welded shut
* Matching leash and buckle and martingale style collars

Wrap in a towel, wash in warm water. The text is embroidered and will never wash off. Hang dry.

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