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I ordered three of these, size Large. My order was processed and shipped in 24 hours, and I received my order a few days later. Very fast! And the chews are impressive! Very big and heavy. Can't wait to let the dogs test them out. If the dogs like them, I will surely order them again!

Rated by Kelsey Kelly

I don't know who loves these antlers more me or my dog. They are super strong, will keep the pup occupied through endless hours of chewing, and will indefinetly out last any other chew you have purchased. Even better they have zero smell and make zero mess. We can't get enough!!

Rated by Alexandria Walker

We love these.. They are a little more pricey than most bones, but they are definitely worth it! We have two Pitties and usually a foster or two.. These things last us SO much longer than any other bones we've tried. And even better? No chunks breaking off, no carpet staining, and no mess! Even our tougher chewers can't break through these bad boys without some serioustime and effort.

Rated by Alysa Collis

I just got 2 of these for my babies. They both love them but the puppy goes crazy. He loves his antler. His ears get all perked up and bounce when he has it in his mouth. So funny.

Rated by Karin Cote

I got these antler chews for my aunt's dog who lives in Arkansas. We were talking this summer about our dogs' favorite things to chew on and I told her about these. She had never heard of such a thing! So I sent these and the split chews to her dog, Roxie. And my dog, Gunther is still chewing away on his!

Rated by Lori Cave

My dog loves these antlers. They last him about 3 weeks with constant chewing. He does his bone dance when we give him a new one. I like them better than the nylabones which always has shavings on my floor.

Rated by Kathie Berardone
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