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We Are Pitbulls is a coffee table book of the highest quality, with over 100 exceptional photographs of pitbulls and their families. As photographer and author AnnaLisa Allegretti says, "this book is about differences, similarities and assumptions. I started the project by asking people to bring their pitbulls and pit mixes to photo shoots. I didn't ask for breeding papers, I didn't specify purebred American Pit Bull Terriers, I left it up to dog owners to identify their dogs as pitbulls or mixes.  Many of these dogs merely look the part closely enough that they can be labeled a 'pit bull,' or, the term this project uses, the single word, non-capitalized 'pitbull.'"

The result is a collection of dogs that look very different from one another, and yet, if a legislator or a landlord saw any of these dogs, he or she might call them a pitbull. While the dogs in this book are each unique in their appearance and personalities, they are united as good dogs, family dogs, therapy dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, and most importantly, happy dogs. They live with chickens, rabbits, horses, cats, other canines, babies, cancer patients and humans with special needs. The families in this book are part of a strong and growing movement of educated dog owners who advocate for education and understanding. These owners come from wildly different walks of life but follow the same road to liberate their dogs from the crushing weight of societal misconceptions.

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We Are Pitbulls Coffee Table Book

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