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Tuff Ones Bat Dog Toy

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Our Halloween Tuff Ones make the perfect holiday squeaky toy for dogs. And their toughness is no trick"”reinforced with double stitching and an inner layer of nylon, these toys are designed to hold up to the roughest of players. Don't be too spooked if they're haunting your house for years to come!

Height: 2 Inches
Width: 5 Inches
Length: 10 Inches

*Please note this is an Interactive Toy -- it is not intended as a chew toy!*

This is our 3rd Tough Ones Halloween Toy. Last year I bought this bat for my girl (a 2 seconds or less kind of girl w/ toys) and the pumpkin for a friend of hers. She took months to destroy hers!! And he still carries his pumpkin like a pillow and sleeps on it. So I got him the bat ...

Rated by Tammy Graves

Adorable Halloween stuffy that lasted at least 30 mins longer than the average stuffy with my aggressive chewer, toy player!! She's a bully & loves her toys & that means the object of every one of them is to remove the squeaker!! This took her a long time, she did manage it, but she was under constant watch & the ...

Rated by Tammy Graves

It was torn apart within the first day from my dog. I thought it would be a Lot more tuff for him. ...

Rated by sarah peters

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